Choosing a letting agent to manage your property can seem like a difficult task. There are so many available and of course, they all say that they are the best around! What should you consider when choosing which one to trust with managing your property?

If you're a landlord in Chorley read on for tips on how to choose a letting agent for your property.

Local knowledge

You wouldn’t jump in a taxi with a driver who didn’t know the local area, or at least you’d jump back out again quite quickly! You also shouldn’t trust your property to a letting agent who doesn’t understand the local market or who doesn’t know the area well. Great letting agents know their community and already have a well-established database of potential tenants that they can use to make sure that your property is seen and therefore let as quickly as possible.


Newspapers, magazines and other forms of printed media should definitely form a part of the marketing plan for your property. However, letting agents who only use these and haven’t embraced the benefits of online marketing, including social media, their own website and online property portals, will be putting you at a disadvantage when letting your property. This is because 84% of tenants begin their property search online so you need a letting agent who knows how to make sure your property is seen by them.


When letting a property you need a letting agent who will be honest with you, especially in the current market. Beware of agents who inflate their suggested rental price for your property with the expectation that they will drop it in a few weeks... An honest letting agent will not hesitate to point out areas of your property that you could improve in order to increase your chances of finding good tenants and are candid about things that should be taken into account when setting the rental price.

Communication, communication, communication

The letting agent you choose will not only be the go-between for you and your tenant but will also be your source of information concerning how viewings went and on the feedback from potential tenants. Choosing a letting agent who is a good and friendly communicator will make the whole process of letting your property much easier.

Works for you

It is your property. While a good letting agent will be able to give you advice concerning your property, a great letting agent will be able to tailor their advice based on your needs and wants because they will listen to them. Letting a property isn’t a one size fits all experience so you need a letting agent who is willing to listen and adapt to your needs.

Letting Agent or Estate Agent?

Whilst many estate agents do lettings as well as property sales more often than not the sales business is the priority with the lettings side of the business being just a prop-up to the main business, most of their resources and time will go to the sales side.  This can mean untrained and unknowledgeable staff jumping in to support the lettings business when busy.

A dedicated letting agent where the business is solely lettings is more likely to have trained and qualified staff offering a wealth of knowledge and experience, lettings legislation and regulations are extensive and require expert knowledge.  100% of the business time and resources are devoted to looking after rental property and property management.  Property is an expensive investment and making sure that it is properly managed pre, during and post tenancy pays dividends in the long term.

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