Letting agents and landlords always talk about the importance of finding good tenants but do you know how you can make sure that you are one? Read on if you are a tenant in Leyland, Chorley or Preston.

Pay your rent on time
This one is obvious. If you are late paying your rent then your landlord may have to delay paying their mortgage. This is not going to endear them to their mortgage lender or you to them. Think about how you would feel if your boss started paying you late, wouldn’t you feel less inclined to work hard for them?

Not paying your rent for two months can also give your landlord grounds to evict you so it really is important that you keep on top of your rent payments.

While paying your rent on time is the most important thing that a tenant can do, we all know that sometimes something even more important can arise that means you have no choice but to pay your rent late. We are not talking about the release of a new games console or a weekend away but if a legitimate reason arises such as a medical emergency or a redundancy then let your landlord or letting agent know immediately.

If you are able to give them warning that your rent payment will be late then it gives them a chance to figure out a plan. Remember landlords and letting agents are human too. Keeping the lines of communication open and updating them about when they will receive their rent will mean they are much more likely to be understanding.

Good communication has mutual benefits. Many disputes between tenants and their landlords arise out of an initial miscommunication so being open and honest is vital.

Tell your landlord
Many tenants are nervous about reporting problems to their landlord as they do not wish to be labelled as difficult but landlords and letting agents really appreciate honesty and openness from their tenants. Small problems can quickly grow if not promptly attended to so if there is a problem tell your landlord or the letting agent!

If you need help with something in the house then talk to your landlord or letting agent. They want you to be happy in the property just as much as you want to enjoy living there.

Be flexible
Make sure that you don’t delay safety inspections, routine maintenance or repairs by being difficult to reach or inflexible about the times that people can enter your home. If you feel uncomfortable about people being in your home while you are out then provide a list of suitable days and times that work can be carried out rather than just proposing one day and time.

Look after your home
It may not be your property but it is your home. Ensure that you keep it clean and tidy and stay on top of general maintenance tasks such as mowing the lawn, bleeding the radiators, replacing light bulbs, testing the smoke alarms and ensuring the property is well ventilated.

Tenancy agreement
A survey by Direct Line Landlord Insurance revealed that 1 in 7 tenants break the terms of their tenancy agreement. Usually, this is because they either haven’t read it or they haven’t understood parts of it. Make sure that you take the time to thoroughly read your tenancy agreement before signing it. If there are any parts that you don’t understand then ask your landlord or letting agent to explain it to you. Then simply make sure that you abide by the agreement that you have signed.

If you do want to do something that isn’t permitted then discuss it with your landlord or letting agent. If you have a good enough reason they may give their consent.

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