We’ve all been enjoying the recent hot weather. However, water companies have struggled to keep up with demand during such a prolonged dry period resulting in them imposing a hosepipe ban in many parts of the country. For many of us our gardens are our pride and joy and a well-kept garden in Preston can be very attractive to potential tenants. So how can you make sure that your plants don’t wither without a daily soaking from your hosepipe?


Adding compost to your borders and pots will increase your soil’s capacity to hold water. It also has the dual benefit of protecting your plants from heavy downpours should the weather suddenly turn.

Don’t mow your lawn

Freshly cut grass loses more moisture than uncut grass so reduce how often you mow your lawn to help it to retain moisture. When you do choose to mow it make sure that you do it during the coolest part of the day and leave it longer than you normally would so that it can provide shade to the soil. That will help to reduce the amount of moisture that will evaporate from the soil.


Stop soil from drying out by placing a layer of mulch on top of it. This will stop it from being directly exposed to the sun. It will also help to keep the soil moist after watering. Freshly cut grass makes a brilliant mulch so instead of popping it in your compost when you finish mowing your lawn pop it on your borders instead.

Choose your pots wisely

Unsealed terracotta pots allow water to evaporate from the soil. Black plastic pots heat up in the sunshine drying the soil inside them out faster than lighter coloured pots. To combat moisture loss choose sealed terracotta pots or buy a specialised sealer to seal your pots.

Water in the morning

It can be tempting to give your plants an entire watering can full of water after a long hot day, however on hot days the best thing to do is actually to water them early in the morning. This is because if roots are left sitting in water all night they can start to rot. Also if water remains on the leaves overnight it can cause fungi to grow. On particularly hot days the best thing you can do for your plants is to water them early but thoroughly so that the soil has the best chance possible to stay moist for as long as possible. This will give your plants the best chance of staying hydrated throughout the day.

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