Summer is finally here and it is time to get your garden in shape whether you're in Preston, Leyland, Chorley or Blackburn. Lockdowns taught us to use our gardens as an extension of our indoor living space and opened our eyes to the joy of creating a beautiful outdoor space which the whole family can enjoy. So if you are eager to get your garden ready for Summer but are not really sure where to start just read on for our guide to the most important jobs you can do this month to get your garden ready for your family to enjoy or to appeal to potential tenants.

Love your lawn

A neatly mown lawn is a delight to behold and in a poll to discover Britain’s top 50 favourite scents freshly cut grass came in third. Ensure you don’t cut it so that it is shorter than 1cm in length as if it is shorter than that it may struggle to thrive leaving you with a patchy, unhealthy looking lawn.


Removing weeds from your paths, lawn and borders may seem like a never ending task but it is one that it is well worth keeping on top of. Not only will removing the weeds help you to make your garden look its best but some weeds may strangle your carefully planted border plants and the longer you leave them the harder it is to regain control.

Have a clearout

Over Winter the shed can become a dumping ground for bits and pieces that just need to be tucked out of the way. This can lead to a chaotic mess in which it is hard to find anything useful. Take advantage of the sunny days and take everything out of your shed. Then sort the contents into keep, throw and donate piles. Give your shed a good clean before returning the keep pile to the shed in an organised way.

Garden furniture

Pressure washers are brilliant for cleaning up garden furniture that has spent all Winter outside. However, if you don’t have a pressure washer a bowl of soapy water and some elbow grease will do just as good a job. Don’t forget to give your cushion covers a spin in your washing machine to freshen them up.

A lick of paint

Always ask your landlord for their permission before undertaking any painting projects. Treat your fence, decking and wooden furniture to a fresh lick of paint. Not only will it help to make it look its best but it will also mean that it will be ready to survive another Winter when it comes and it is a job that it is certainly nicer to do in the sunshine than at the start of Winter!

Landlords don’t forget a well maintained garden can even increase the value of your property by up to 5%.

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