Plumber repairing under kitchen sink

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s property maintenance quiz has revealed that there is confusion amongst landlords about which maintenance tasks on their rental properties they are responsible for.

The fact that the landlord is responsible for the exterior and structure of the property was understood by 94% of those who responded to the quiz and 98% agreed that electric wiring was the responsibility of the landlord. Ninety-six per cent said that the heating and hot water should be taken care of by the landlord but, only 30% believed that they were responsible for the garden or outdoor space. Only 14% believed that landlords should be clearing gutters and making sure that external pipes/drains are clear of obstructions.

It appears that it is tasks that have an element of joint responsibility that cause the most confusion. Sixty-one per cent of landlords believe that they are responsible for the maintenance of bathroom suites. However, 31% think that fixing chips is the responsibility of the tenant.

There was a lot of discord in the answers concerning damp and mould. Forty-five per cent of the respondents felt that damp and mould should be dealt with by the landlord, 43% believed it was a joint problem and only 12% believed it was solely the tenant’s responsibility.

It is very important to identify at the beginning of a tenancy which maintenance tasks are the responsibility of the tenant, which are the responsibility of the landlord and the instances in which they may be jointly shared. Detailed inventories and tenancy agreements are essential to ensure that the property is well maintained and can help to avoid deposit disputes at the end of the tenancy.

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