Whether you are looking to let your property in Preston, Leyland or Chorley or are a tenant who wishes to make your home look more inviting to visitors the very first thing you should consider is often the one most people overlook. They are so busy thinking about their interior decor and the tidiness of their homes that they often forget that the very first thing that people see is the front of their property. If your home’s kerb appeal could do with being spruced up but you’re not sure where to start then don’t worry we have a few tips that will help you to take the front of your property from drab to fab in no time. 

Front garden

If you have a front garden then ensure that the grass is neatly mown. Clear your path of weeds and use a pressure washer to make it look its best. If you have borders make sure that they are weeded and plant some nice flowers to help to make your property look visually attractive. 


Clean windows not only maximise the amount of natural light that you get inside your property but they also affect the feel of your home from the outside. Clean windows make a property look cared for and a cared for property will always have more kerb appeal than a neglected one. 

Exterior Lights

Many potential tenants will do a drive-by viewing before deciding whether to view the inside of your property. Due to working hours most of these will be done in the evening. If you are a tenant looking to improve the kerb appeal of your home it is most likely that the majority of your guests will also visit in the evening. Therefore ensuring that your exterior lights are all working is essential to make sure that your home is bathed in welcoming light, not shrouded in darkness. 

Gates, fences and hedges

Check that your garden gate and fence are in good condition. Oil the hinges and check the latch is in good working order. Neatly trim any hedges. Replace any broken fence panels or contact your landlord to ask them to attend to them. 

The following projects will require the permission of your landlord if you are a tenant so remember to discuss them with them before embarking on them. 


While your visitors/potential tenants will not be entering your property through your garage doors they do affect the first impression that they will have of your home so make sure that they are in good condition and consider sprucing them up with a fresh coat of paint if necessary. Potential tenants will want to take a look in your garage so make sure that it is clean and tidy. 

Front Door

If the paint is starting to peel off of your front door or the hardware like the handle or knocker are looking a bit old and unloved then visitors/potential tenants may get the impression that the rest of your home is uncared for too. Treat your door to a fresh coat of paint and a shiny new door handle/knocker and your door will go from creating a sense of foreboding to a welcoming entrance.

House number

Make sure that your house number is clearly visible. This will help both visitors and delivery drivers! If your house number is looking a bit old and tatty, consider replacing it with a shiny new one that reflects the care you take of your property. 

If you would like more advice on how to improve your Preston, Leyland or Chorley property’s kerb appeal please don’t hesitate to give us  a call on 01772 284606 and we will be delighted to help you.