As term time approaches in Leyland, Chorley and Preston, those endless days of trying to entertain your bored and restless kids are almost over. No more irritable teenagers sleeping until 2pm, no more spirited little ones hounding you for snacks every half hour – it’s time to get ready for school.

This back-to-school guide looks at some easy ways to help get the first few weeks of term off to a positive start.

1)         Reduce screen time

When there’s little to do, or it’s raining outside, screen time quickly becomes a way to keep the kids entertained (and out of the way). But as those manic school mornings are just around the corner, getting them into a routine will help. Start reducing the time they spend on screens a week before school starts, so they get used to time limitations and focusing on other activities.

2)         Bedtime

Sleeping routines and bedtimes often go out the window during the holidays. Kids stay up later, you zone out and watch TV while they do their own thing or it's movie night every night. Now’s the time to start setting their bedtime routine again so that when term starts, they know what they need to do and are properly rested, especially those little cherubs.

3)         Talk about concerns

Being a kid isn’t easy and being a teenager is an experience many of us wouldn’t want to repeat. So, it’s important to speak to your children about any concerns they might have around going back to school. Whether it’s a big year for exams, a transition into secondary school, or not having seen their friends over the break – talking about it can help to prepare them emotionally. Be positive and focus on the things they enjoy about school.

4)         School journey

If your child is heading to a new school or is about to start travelling alone, it’s a good idea to get some practice runs in before the big day. This can help them feel more confident and give you an idea of travel times.

5)         Get them excited

Fancy pens, a fluffy pencil case and a new snazzy lunchbox are sure signs of a new term, and kids will love helping you choose what they need. Get them excited about their new start with a back-to-school shopping trip. Let’s face it, their feet have probably grown (again), and they’ll most likely need new uniforms, so include a couple of treats like a new bag or set of pens to get them geared up for the new term. 

At PR Lettings & Management, we hope you’ve all had a great summer holiday.